Shih Tzu Names and Meaning

Choosing a perfect name  for cute puppy can be difficult process.  You need to understand your dog's personality, behavior, appearance,  look, gender, and physical characteristics.

Shih tzu names are popular  and famous among with family and children.  You are come to the right place, if're looking for good name for your dog.

1. Cookie 2. Daffodil 3. Ellie 4. Galatia 5. Kalani 6. Pashi

Shih Tzu Female Names

1. Teddy 2. Charlie 3. Max 4. Gizmo 5. Chewy 6. Buddy

Shih Tzu Male Names

1. Daisy 2. Pansy 3. Peony 4. Poppy 5. Anemone 6. Buttercup

Flower Names For Shih Tzus

1. Gongzu (Princess) 2. Nuwang (Queen) 3. Keai (Cute) 4. Junzhu (Monarch) 5. Shunu (Lady) 6. Shizi (Lion)

Chinese Shih Tzu Names

1. Munchie (Beyonce) 2. Bonny (Colin Farell) 3. Balmer (Bill Gates) 4. Panda (Betty White) 5. Harry (Geri Halliwell) 6. Sumo (Susie Essman)

Celebrity Shih Tzu Names

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